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Engagement offline at
35 thousand feet

through ultrasound

Why engage with


It is the most powerful proximity marketing tool for these reasons:

  • SOUND IS EVERYWHERE - We use inaudible ultrasonic technology as a communication protocol that sends data through audio to transmit information.
  • OFFLINE PEER TO PEER CONNECTIVITY- It works great in all the situations with zero connectivity issues, and there is no need for WiFi or Bluetooth
  • ON-DEVICE ENCONDING- It does not require a server call to decode a tone, which means it can create shopping experiences without wifi, data or general device connectivity
  • MEASUREMENT OF THE AUDIENCE- Understand your public. NFCSound signals with data can be broadcasted from any speaker, dramatically increasing the size of your audience and the richness of your audience data

How to use it?

In which situations?

Is a unique engagemente technology that allow airlines to engage the passengers before, during and after their flights.


Reward your passengers for checking in early at the airport or the website

Broadcast through the PA system safety information, the flight, the duty free on sale, menu, etc.

After the flights have landed send them a survey or poll to check their satisfaction

Engage your passengers at the airport. You can reward the ones that come early on board or to the departing gate by broadcasting signals that the pax can listen, and once the data have been decoded they discover a prize, like free items on board!

You can insert data in the publicity videos and let them listen offline to the video, through websites or signages. You can also commercialize the sound by selling advertisement to third parties.

You can send discounts, tickets, vouchers for a coffee or some inflight reward inserted in your videos. The public can listen to the video with the app and extract the data with your rewards

Polls, surveys

and gamification everywhere offline through the sound

Airlines probably would like to know what their passengers think about their services. By broadcasting polling data from the departure gate, in the flight, at the airport, destination or inserted in videos, posters or publicity the passengers can be engaged and invited to cast their vote. Airlines can also reward the pax for their participation, all offline through the sound


Turn the waiting at the airport or during the flight through gamification. Let them play before and during the flight by briadcasting gamification data from the sound!


Reward your public if they vote in your polls and surveys.
We can send the polls through the sound system, either the PA system or our own ultrasonic beacons


Let your passengers vote for their favorite destinations.
But it can also be a wide range of issues like degree of comfort, services, satisfaction, food, etc.


We create the ultrasonic signals with data that the airlines can broadcast. When the users listen to the sound source the app will detect the signals and aumatically decode the data and turn it into something useful for the user.

From any sound source, like the PA system of the aircraft, embedded in videos, publicity, from posters, gates, offices, etc. We also have our own ultrasonic beacons that broadcast the data in inaudible high frequency audio barcodes

Information, coupons, polls, surveys, links to sites and more

Yes, we will provide you with our SDK that you can integrate in your Android or Apple apps. The users of your app can now interact with our signals and get engaged in situations where there is no other connectivity right, from your app.

We provide rich analytics that help companies to understand the behaviour of their clients

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